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Our Customers Say
  • My video signal was both poor and slow and tracked it down to my HDMI cords going from my digital cable box and Blu-Ray player then going into my receiver then into my LCD flat screen TV.

    Having looked at a number of vendors I found uniqueproductsonline and purchased a few 1.4 HDMI 24 AWG cords. Now with the uniqueproductsonline HDMI cables I'm able to scroll through the channels much quicker and the video quality has vastly improved plus the audio seems to be better. The video quality on my Blu-Ray player also improved. As a graphic designer I do notice video quality and these cables solved by video issues immediately.

  • A great product at a great price, shipped very quickly

  • Great prices on quality products. I bought an optical splitter, a short optical cable, and an S-video cable. Everything works great, and the products arrived in the time frame indicated.

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HDMI® Cables - 4K x 2K Compliant Cables

All HDMI cables we provide meet or exceed the HDMI® High Speed Specifications and are Cable Compliant with the latest HDMI High Speed features!
If you are looking to take advantage of the other functions offered by the latest technology you can rest assured that the cables you bought from us already supports all them.
All of our HDMI Cables Feature:
  • Compliant with the latest HDMI High Speed features - Also fully backwards compatible to work with all previous versions
  • Full 3D TV Support
  • Audio Return Channel Support
  • Full 4K x 2K Support
  • Supports Deep Color over HDMI
  • Gold HDMI Connectors - Ensuring a clean clear connection
  • Transfer Rate of 10.2 + Gbps
  • Full support for the New Blu-ray Disc players
  • Full HDMI High Speed Bandwidth
  • All of our HDMI cables are made by an HDMI adopter - Not just a low cost factory

    There are now 5 Variations of HDMI cables under the latest HDMI® Specifications.

  • HDMI® Audio Video Standard Speed ( This supports up to 1080i) All of our cables step down automatically to support this if needed.

  • HDMI® for Automotive

  • HDMI® Audio Video High Speed ( Which ALL of Our cables support also adds supports data rates beyond 1080p, including Deep Color and all 3D formats supported in the latest HDMI specification.

    The next ones listed will require you to buy New Audio Video products that may support support Ethernet features in the future. Material changes and pin configuration are necessary inside of all current and past cables to allow for an HDMI Ethernet channel (HEC).

  • HDMI® Standard Speed plus Ethernet

  • HDMI® High Speed plus Ethernet

  • All of our cables are Solid core Copper
  • We do not use Tinned Copper
  • We have 128 strands of shielding
  • We don't hide the gauge of our wire from you so you can compare and make an educated decision.
  • No games No shortcuts - We have quality cables!
    Our HDMI Cables are built to meet the latest HDMI specifications as outlined by the Consumer Electronics industry and HDMI.

  • 3 Ft. HDMI With Ethernet  HEC - 1080p + 4K x 2K High Speed Rated  3 Ft. HDMI With Ethernet HEC - 1080p + 4K x 2K High Speed Rated
    3 ft HDMI With ETHERNET Cable for HDTV Blu-Ray 3D 28 Awg HDMI HIGH SPEED RATED
  • High Speed HDMI® Cable Compliant HDMI with Ethernet.
  • All of our cables are Solid core Copper
  • We have 128 strands of shielding
  • Ferrite Core - To ensure a clean and clear signal at point of entry and exit of the signal
  • High Speed HDMI® Cable Compliant - Also fully backwards compatibly to work with all previous versions
  • Supports full 1080p - The highest industry standard
  • High Speed Performance - The highest rating the industry has established

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