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Our Customers Say
  • My video signal was both poor and slow and tracked it down to my HDMI cords going from my digital cable box and Blu-Ray player then going into my receiver then into my LCD flat screen TV.

    Having looked at a number of vendors I found uniqueproductsonline and purchased a few 1.4 HDMI 24 AWG cords. Now with the uniqueproductsonline HDMI cables I'm able to scroll through the channels much quicker and the video quality has vastly improved plus the audio seems to be better. The video quality on my Blu-Ray player also improved. As a graphic designer I do notice video quality and these cables solved by video issues immediately.

  • A great product at a great price, shipped very quickly

  • Great prices on quality products. I bought an optical splitter, a short optical cable, and an S-video cable. Everything works great, and the products arrived in the time frame indicated.

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HDMI Single Wall Plate - Nothing else to buy

HDMI Single Wall Plate - Nothing else to buy - Click to enlarge
HDMI Single Wall Plate - Nothing else to buy

Item #: HDMISingleWallplate

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Price: $15.00

Sale price: $8.00


HDMI Single outlet Wall Plate

Run your HDMI Cable cleanly and neatly through your walls without the mess

Perfect for Home Theater, Multimedia Classrooms and Conference Rooms
  • The HDMI single wall plate allows you terminate HDMI connector for in-wall connections.
  • Perfect for HDTV and Home Theater needs
  • Deco 2 piece Design. ( Both pieces are included )
  • The face plate is made to fit into a standard wall mount and made of durable ABS plastic and white in color
  • Our HDMI wall plate has a 90 degree feed-thru internal connector orientation in the rear that provides vertical (upward or downward) cable drop or connection to minimize cable bend
  • Fits standard electrical boxes or rough mounts
  • Same connector on the front and back for easy and speed
  • Screws and instruction sheet is included
  • Color of wall plate is White

Why are wall plates are better- Make an informed decision -
Our wall plates use a 90 degree connector in the rear directly connected to a high quality circuit board to provide a clean high speed connection between the HDMI connectors. ( HDMI cable and HDMI connector on the front of the wall plate ). Some wall plate manufactures take short cuts than can cost you the high quality performance that your equipment demands.

Let me explain further. Some seller’s wall plates use a 4 to 5 inch extension cable. This short cable does nothing but add insertion points for added EMF interference and signal loss. In addition most of these short cables are not HDMI certified and made of a lower quality cable. In many cases you also have to bend these cables at a 90 degree angle. It is a well know fact this is a not good and has a direct effect on velocity rates. Since you are trying to move HDTV signals that require a lot of bandwidth all of these factors on these lower priced units all work against delivering the high quality signal that the new technology and electronics require.

Put the finishing touch on home theatre and audio/video installations with these high quality wall plates.

Nothing else to buy!

This all in 1 unit is ready to install.

HDMI Feed through Wall Plates are a must have for your home theater installation. They come in 1 or 2 Port (2 port are available in our store) configurations and are Feed through so you just plug in and go. HDMI Feed through wall plates are great for hiding your cables in the wall for a clean look behind your Audio/Video System.

  • Deco 2 piece Design. ( Both pieces are included )
  • The face plate is made to fit into a standard wall mount and made of durable ABS plastic and white in
  • Perfect for HDTV and Home Theater needs

  • 6 ft. High Speed HDMI® Cable  latest HDMI features 4K x 2K Ready6 ft. High Speed HDMI® Cable latest HDMI features 4K x 2K Ready
    6 Ft HDMI to HDMI HDTV Cable
  • Fully HDMI Certified and compliant - to provide highest level of signal quality
  • Full HDMI High Speed Bandwidth ready
  • High Speed HDMI® Cable Compliantcable provides you a path for the future Not only does it support all of the HDMI devices on the market today and that have been sold in the past, it also supports up to 1440p that is just starting to emerge in new products like Blu-Ray disc players. With the FAST transfer rate of up to 10.2 Gigabytes per second. This will be a top of the line cable for a long time.
    $8.00     Sale Price: $6.00     

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