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    Having looked at a number of vendors I found uniqueproductsonline and purchased a few 1.4 HDMI 24 AWG cords. Now with the uniqueproductsonline HDMI cables I'm able to scroll through the channels much quicker and the video quality has vastly improved plus the audio seems to be better. The video quality on my Blu-Ray player also improved. As a graphic designer I do notice video quality and these cables solved by video issues immediately.

  • A great product at a great price, shipped very quickly

  • Great prices on quality products. I bought an optical splitter, a short optical cable, and an S-video cable. Everything works great, and the products arrived in the time frame indicated.

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Wireless IR Repeater Extender System Transmits up to 600 Ft.

Wireless IR Repeater Extender System Transmits up to 600 Ft.  - Click to enlarge
Wireless IR Repeater Extender System Transmits up to 600 Ft.

Item #: A1369AWireless

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Price: $50.00

Sale price: $33.00

Wireless IR Repeater Extender  photo Full System Touched up 500 x 375_zpszrwuxvfv.jpg

Do you want to control Audio and Video Devices that are located in another room?
Are you tired of leaving cabinets open so your remote can operate your devices?

Why try to hide an old large antiquated wireless design behind your ultra-thin TV. Or worse having it out near your tv for all of your friends to see. Most are unsightly and not very wife friendly.

We bring you a long range ultra-small Wireless IR Repeater Extender System.

 photo Side by Side on Tape Measure Touched up 500 x 375_zpss4ybfddc.jpg

Don't let the small size fool you. This has taken a long time to develop in Taiwan in the high tech area. You can control devices up to 600 feet away. This device even covers a larger frequency range than many of the wired devices today. Our device covers 20 to 60 KHz for today's demanding electronics. ( Sorry it is still not going to work for U-verse)
How do we do it? We use the digital 915 MHz RF technology with frequency hopping to minimize RF interference as compared to others using the old 400 Frequency bands that are very noisy and short range.

Our devices are easy to use and to easy to install. The receiver and transmitter have a few options for easy installation.

Wireless Transmitter  photo Back of Receiver Touched up 500 x 375_zpsja4eoffz.jpg
You can set the Transmitter out near the TV and the built in IR window on it will pick up the signal from your remote and send the command to the Wireless IR Receiver that will control your devices. This is how all wireless units work today. However not everyone wants something sitting out. Another option for the transmitter is we have included a very small wired IR Receiver pickup that allows you to hide the Transmitter behind your TV. So all you have to do is put the small pickup where it is in the line of sight to your remote. Then it plugs into your transmitter and will transmit the signal to the receiver.

 photo Wireless IR Rec Head on Tape Close up 500 x 375_zpsfsqv4moq.jpg

Wireless Receiver  photo Back of Emitter Touched UP 500 x 375_zpsvwdorzpz.jpg
You can set the Wireless Receiver out in the open on top of your devices you are trying to control. When it gets the signal from the Transmitter then it has a built in IR blaster that then floods the area with IR. This is great for inside of cabinets & closets. Another option for the receiver is we have included the common Dual IR emitters with our devices.
 photo Dual IR Emitter Close up Touched up 500 x 375_zps5vn4dfqx.jpg
These plug into the in Wireless IR receiver and allow you to place the emitters directly in the event the IR blaster is having a challenge reaching your device.

Our Wireless System includes
  • 1 x Wireless Receiver
  • 1 x Wireless Transmitter
  • 2 x AC power adapters
  • 1 x Small IR target
  • 1 x Dual IR emitters
  • 1 x Owners Manual
No one else has anything like this. If we you compare you will find that ours is the smallest, most feature rich and the longest range on the market.
  • Easy to control all of your home entertainment system over 600 ft. away.
  • Small ultra-compact design
  • Long range IR receiving and transmitting
  • Dual frequency 20 to 60 KHz.
  • Includes everything you need to get up and running

Wireless Long Range 600 ft IR repeater extender system - Small and Compact to Hide your Home Theater Products

Our Wireless System includes
  • 1 x Wireless Receiver
  • 1 x Wireless Transmitter
  • 2 x AC power adapters
  • 1 x Small IR target
  • 1 x Dual IR emitters
  • 1 x Owners Manual
 photo Full System Touched up 500 x 375_zpszrwuxvfv.jpg
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